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Salmon fishing in Denmark:

Salmon fishing in Denmark

Probably in the last years you heard or read about a river in Denmark where anglers catch more and more salmons, a river where salmons are in average quite big, a river cheap in fishing permits compared to other famous salmon rivers…this river is Skjern å, a true salmon mecca river of Denmark.

We all know that Atlantic Salmon fishing is not easy and often results in many days without catches and very few chances. But Skjern å is one of the rivers where the few chances to catch a fish, are chances to catch a big fish! Skjern å looks like some scottish rivers, like a “channel” surrounded by a very beautiful country. The salmons of Skjern å are native Skjern å salmons.
The actual popularity of this river is thanks to an ambitious natural project started years ago, actually the most ambitious river renovation of all the Scandinavian area

READ MORE ABOUT SKJERN Å PROJECT (open a new window – external link)

Skjern å river is only 2 hours by car from our lodge. We organize a guided day outing where we depart for the lodge early in the morning and back here for dinner. The fishing starts in the second part of April, and ends in November.
The first run (usually with biggest fish) is in the first part of the season, than the second late in August/September.

Carp fly fishing and spin fishing at our Lodge:

Flyfishing and light spin fishing for carp at Denmark fishing Lodge

We are working for you, in order to obtain the fishing right of some amazing private carp lakes. Coming soon…stay tuned!

Other species in our sea: flounders, cod, garfish:

Sea fishing for cod and flounders

Our lodge is located near “little belt”, which is a well known place for cod fishing. Cods are difficult to catch from the shore but by sailing a few minutes with an organized boat you will be able to catch cods with a vertical Jigging technique. Another famous place for fishing cod is near the “store belt” bridge, approximately 50 minutes by car from our lodge. We can support you in the organization of a cod fishing day on a boat, but we need to know it relatively soon in order to arrange the boat trip day.

Near our lodge, after few minutes by walk, it is possible to catch flounders. Flaunders are relatively easy to catch so this is an ideal type of fishing for everyone, also non-expert anglers and kids. You will catch flaunders with Gulp worms, that you can buy here at the lodge shop.

Garfish is a fun and strong fish to catch. Garfishes reaches the coast of Fyn during summer in the month of May. It is an experience for the anglers eyes to see the skulls of garfish breaking the surface of the water in front of you! Garfish are willing to eat also on the surface, and consist in a funny prey both for spin, fly fishermen, and also bait angler. The average size of garfish is high and it’s an easy fish to catch for everyone!

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