Our (well appreciated) cuisine

denmark fishing lodge italian food and cuisine restaurant fishermen

The cuisine at the Lodge is structured according to the schedules and needs of fishermen.

If your fishing day begins before sunrise, the restaurant area is open for you, and you will find cookies, tea and coffee.
From 7.30 to 9.00 guests can enjoy our breakfast buffet (always included), an ideal break after the first hours of seatrout fishing. In addition to the excellent Danish jams, Danish butter and fresh bread, you will enjoy eggs with bacon, yoghurt, cereals, seasonal fruit, and tea or espresso and long coffee.
If you plan tho get up earlier for go fishing at the sunrise, don’t worry, let us know, we will prepare you a lighter breakfast!


It is possible to book a take away lunch (supplied in a practical coolbox) composed of sandwiches, drinks, tea or coffee in thermos, and sweet snacks.


After a long fishing day on the coast, nothing is better than a good dinner in a warm and friendly ambience while comparing the experiences of the day together with other fishermen from all over Europe. Dinner is a time of conviviality at the lodge, a ritual that our guests can appreciate without having to give up precious hours of fishing. For this reason our schedules follow the seasonality of fishing: in spring and summer months you can sit at the table from 19.30 until 21.30, giving the opportunity to fish the entire day or for the most “hardcore” anglers giving the opportunity to return for dinner and then continue fishing in the summer light evenings.

Dinner is from 19.00 to 20.30 in the early autumn months as the minor hours of sunlight and the lower temperatures encourage the fishermen to come back to the Lodge earlier. Those who know the Scandinavian habits and customs, will appreciate the value of our choice, as in Denmark -especially in areas far away from big cities- restaurants close their kitchens usually not after 20.00 and dinner time is usually around 18:30.

The kitchen offers a single dinner menu that change every day, Danish dishes -like smoked fish, meat dishes with danish potatoes and sauces- are interspersed with typical Italian dinners mostly from Emilia Romagna, during which you can taste traditional specialities as appetizer of cured meats (like: parma ham, bacon, sausage…) with “tigelle”, lasagne alla bolognese, parmesan and balsamic vinegar, etc…

Our Italian products are selected in order to suit all tastes, and imported directly by our italian-danish staff.
The dinner ends with a dessert and the invitation to move in the living room to finish off the evening by drinking a pleasant bitter or a good whiskey.

The Hosteria

The Lodge also have a small verandah, which we affectionately named “the Hosteria” and during summer, offers our guest and passers-by a good fresh glass of wine from Emilia, the opportunity to buy selected products such as balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese, and for those who want a quick snack we propose a platter of cured meats and tigelle ( you’re probably wondering what these “tigelle” are…visit us and find it out! :-))

denmark fishing lodge italian food and cuisine restaurant fishermen