The story behind the lodge…since 2013!

Back in 2013, after years working with clients and anglers from all of Europe in order to promote Fyn and arrange sea trout fishing tours, we realized that it was time to create an accommodation 100% dedicated to anglers, which could fill the many gaps of the previous existing offer. In 2013 we moved and partially renovated an existing property on Helnaes, and we created our first Lodge, which we have successfully managed for 5 years.

In 2018 we stopped the activity in that old building, and with the goal to create a nicer Lodge we purchased a beach front piece of countryside and we built a completely new Lodge, today with a nice view over the sea. In 2021 we opened the doors of this new Lodge.

We kept a “green eye” in the building phase: the Lodge is heated by geothermal energy and air pumps, for various decorative parts we have reused 100 years old wooden pieces recycled from an old building. The lodge exteriors walls are made out of wood imported from Norway, that we decided to keep unpainted, so as to assume over time a beautiful grey patina that interacts perfectly with the surrounding nature.

The today new “Lodge 2.0” is built on the basis of what sea trout anglers visiting Fyn desire: we run the only business of Denmark entirely designed and built to be an authentic Fishing Lodge, and this thank to a unique experience gained since many years.

At the Lodge you will find unique facilities, expertise, flexible hours, and hospitality: a perfect mix for anglers, that you can’t find anywhere else in Fyn.

Behind the lodge project there’s a young team, that moved to the area to start this adventure: Omar, Valentina and Jan are those who will welcome you at the Lodge; next, there are different professional figures that collaborate with the Lodge in order to offer our guests a 360° service.

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After a fantastic day of fishing, we realize the importance of a comfortable bed, a delicious dinner, and a good night’s sleep!

“Denmark fishing & outdoor Lodge 2.0” is located in the south-west part of Fyn, one of the most beautiful parts of the region with some of the best seatrout spots in all of Denmark, near the town of Assens. This place takes the name of “Aa” and it is a beautiful beach front natural area where the spawning river Aa runs trough. The location of Aa is also few hundreds meters from Helnaes (where the previous Lodge was located), known as one of the most enchanting places of Fyn and on the west side is connected to Sønderby klint, hills with walls overlooking the sea and one of the best sea trout spot of alla Fyn.

There are good reasons why in 2020 we decided to move and locate the new Lodge here!

It is possible to walk only 300 mt from the lodge and reach the sea, so you can fish just after a few minutes walking. You also have plenty of fishing spots not more than 20 minute by car. Fyn is a magical place for fishing and you can easily reach the opposite side of the region in less than one hour from the lodge and then back here for a delicious dinner and some fishing talk with other anglers!

Helnaes beautiful fyn surroundings hystmus

Fyn and the surrounding area near the lodge are a beauty for the eyes. Fyn is a region of fairy tales, old castles, local breweries, enchanting woods and coasts. This is also the right place for families and nature lovers, and our staff is at your disposal for advice on what to visit!

Our lodge is only a 5 minute walk from the sea, and has the following accommodations:

  • A total of 12 beds, all rooms with view over nature and the sea
  • Restaurant for our guest with some local danish food and original italian specialties imported by us
  • External terrace with view overlooking the sea!
  • Privat parking
  • Lounge area and free wi-fi internet
  • “Fishermen” lounge area with fly tying area, wide screen tv, fishing books and dvds
  • Gear & waders storage area
  • Fishing shop
  • The lodge is newly built in 2021, and we know from years of experience, that good food and comfortable living quarters makes our guest happy after a long fishing day!

Our Lodging facility can accommodate friends and family comfortably and of course here in Fyn you can try one of the most fascinating fishing experiences of all Europe!

Images from our workplace: Your sea trout fishing holiday home!

exteriors of the denmark fishing lodge sea trout terrace
interiors of the new fishing lodge of fyn
denmark fishing outdoor lodge
happy sea trout anglers